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India has been a land of innovations since ancient times. But still, we are lurking behind and are ranked at 48th position in the Global Innovation Index. Is this our fault?​ NO!​

We exist on the land of the great C.V. Raman & M Visvesvaraya. We have proved countless times that we can lead the people to the new innovative world. Our children can dream big things, our youths have the power to convert them to reality, and the elders can guide them. Then why are we left behind?

It’s time we start acting on our dreams to turn them into reality. We are a bunch of enthusiastic people who dreamt of turning your dreams into a reality. Our skillful ideas can help you to build the next technological innovation that can change the world. We turn your ideas into real products through our experienced engineering and management techniques and allow the world to witness your ideas. Whether you dream of making a new device or have an idea to successfully change the industry, our professional experts are there to help you.

About Us


The land where we successfully own any given situation through our ‘jugaad,’ we all have that special idea in our mind that we think would take the world by surprise. It’s time we start our implementation process to turn it into reality. We help you in building that unique product that could change our world.

We are always called to produce a huge number of engineers but no innovators. We want to change this process, by transforming your dreams into reality by innovation.


We aim to give wings to the ideas that keep surfacing through our brains, but you can’t bring it forwards due to any reasons. Our team listens to every bit of your idea, improvises it, and then convert it into reality. Our made in India initiative helps each Indian grow and prosper without facing the prejudices of society.


Meet The Team

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