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Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence that is completely controlled by the machines in which they can perform various functions with the human help. with the help of AI, machines are able to solve problems, plan things etc. AI is mostly used in the field medical, industries, education, military sectors. As the technology is developing day by day, in future the usage oghjgbjkhjhjkhjk

The AI in medical field is used to detect diseases faster, incr

easing safety and reducing costs. In future the use of AI in medical field leads to a complex range. It can monitor patients’ health, reduced health costs. And it also identifies patients who are high risk of diseases like diabetes or heart diseases

In industries, the usage of AI is increased day by day. Robots will work instead of humans, so the usage of robots would decrease the human labor. The main advantage of it is, it saved a lot of our time and also human effort. It used in in data analysis, scientific research, reducing defects in manufacturing, improves quality.

The AI in the educational field will be increased in the upcoming years. It improves accessibility, tutoring. These provides students with high quality education and also smart content.AI will help teachers can personalize the learning experience for each student.

In military field, it can monitor border regions, identify threats, it can be also used for facial recognition, language translation. It helps to reduce the risk to human life by improving speed and enhanced situational awareness.

In day-to-day life as the AI is making a comfortable technology, we can conclude that it is a great technology and it may be the future of the world

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