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Saving life to save lives – Military spy robot

Updated: Jul 19, 2022


For every nation there will be a military forces to save their nation from other forces. Which would take many lives to an end. To save those there is a lot of change in the military structure and also in the way for wars. The main thing in any war is to know what is happening in the other side of the border , to know that people use to send people for spying they are called Espionage. If anybody is caught during the spy there are tortured and killed brutally , to avoid this human loss we come with Robot that replaces Espionage.

Robot view of Military

We all know very well what a robot is , a machine that replicates some of the human movements and functions. If u ask me what is machine I would definitely recommend you to watch 3idiots movie in which Ameer Khan tells you clearly what a machine is.

Spy view of Robot

As mentioned in the first paragraph spying is the job for carrying information from the group secretly. If the information is recorded and live then it will be very helpful for us to understand and plan accordingly but that it is difficult in earlier days. Which will be easy only with latest technology.

Technology used for Military Spy Robot:

A Robot that replaced man in military spying job to save lives by way of transmitting information using internet. It transmits video information and audio information to our data base. Even though if the robot is identified and destroyed by the opponents but still the information is stored in the data base we can defeat the opponents . Using IOT technology we can control this from any where using mobile phones.

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