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Young Engineers Innovate! Mobile Phone Based Fish Feeder

Aim of the innovation:

The aim of the innovation is to provide food accessories to fishes kept in aquarium by connecting mechanically working elements (or) parts. And thus the whole equipment is updated through software device which we can manually connect either in our phone or PC.

As in our busy scheduled life we are unable to provide food to our pet’s i.e., aquarium at specific time intervals. So, by this process we do not rather or worry about the fishes that no one would be there to look over them.

How it is helpful for society:

As many of us are pet feeders, we do adopt I mean care them. So, as in our busy scheduled life, some of the times we do not provide food to fishes in aquarium, when we were outside of house for more than two days. So by the time it is impossible for the fishes to acquire food.

And many of the people provide full food which was sufficient to fishes for more than four days at spot time .what happens is that when we were provided full food for more than four days, the fishes would grasp their food for first day. But it is totally impossible to those fishes to take that particular food from day two onwards.

So, by this pet food feeder technique, we would not rather suffer that no one was there to look over them or distracts providing sufficient food for 4 days, which would be waste or dismantle of food from second day.

So, by brief I conclude that this technique would be useful, when we are out of house.

Why people should use your innovation:

Suppose we were not available at home for specific time, food would be given to fishes, there’s nothing to do or else we must place a person to provide food for the fishes at sequence of time.

So, by this I conclude that above both intervals of suggestion would be smashed by putting these crazy creative ideology ahead.

Thanking you everyone for spending your valuable time on reading this article.

Special thanks to Vishishta innovators Pvt. Ltd., For encouraging and supporting and being the backbone to reveal the crazy innovative ideology ahead.

Hello everyone, I am Rohith Reddy Padala , studying diploma final year mechanical at bapatla polytechnic college, bapatla . As i am a mechanical engineer, I would have interest in making or creating innovations of operation and management of mechanically working equipment’s or mini shaped machines.

Hello everyone, I am shaik. Riyaz, studying diploma final year mechanical at bapatla polytechnic college, bapatla. As I am a mechanical engineer, I would have interest in making or creating mechanically oriented machines. And I am very enthusiastic about preparing my own mini functional equipment’s.


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