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  Electronics Research and Development Laboratory  


Where Innovation and Technology converge into a Dynamic Community.

More than a Lab, we are committed to drive Excellence in  Engineering.


ERDL is the R&D wing of  Vishishta Innovators  Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with educational institutions.   Here innovation and technology converge into a dynamic community. More than a lab, we are committed to drive excellence in engineering.  Our cutting-edge facility offers hands-on experiences, research opportunities, and collaborative projects that bridge theory with practice.

ERDL harnesses the transformative power of electronic systems, instilling a deep understanding through courses that go beyond knowledge. In our environment of curiosity, experimentation, and excellence, join us on a journey to redefine what's achievable in the world of technology.


ERDL vision is to empower students with cutting-edge technologies and shall strive to create engineering technocrats for

addressing the global challenges in relevant areas to cater the ever-changing needs of society at National and International levels.


To ensure dissemination of practical knowledge through learning Emerging Technologies in engineering.

To excel in Research and Development activities in emerging areas.

To promote Industry-Institute linkage for sustainable development of academic, research and training activities.

To establish Center of Excellence in thrust areas to nurture the spirit of innovation and creativity among faculty and students.


 Fundamentals of PCB Design & Prototyping

This course equips students with the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to design, fabricate, and utilize printed circuit boards for their projects and future careers in PCB design and fabrication


Fundamentals of IoT Development and WSN

The explosive growth of the “Internet of Things” is changing our world . This course provide  knowledge on Internet of Things and facilitates faster learning curves while on the job and project


Real-Time Embedded Systems Design and Applications

This course transforms students into embedded systems professionals


Robotics Design and Engineering

This course  is to empower students to build their own robotics projects from scratch, fostering critical thinking, structural reasoning, creativity, and problem-solving skills along the way

fpga-beginners-guide (1).jpg

Foundation of VLSI

using FPGA

Program aims to enable participants to design reusable Intellectual Property (IP) Cores as building blocks using Verilog HDL and implement them in FPGA


Pico Satellite Design Engineering 

To equip individuals with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills required to design, build, and test a functional Pico Satellite, preparing them for real-world challenges in satellite design and technology




Lab Installation for Educational Institution


Providing Internships for students 


Conducting Tech Workshops & Events


Academic Project Guidance


Research and Development  

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