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Basically An Embedded system is nothing but a mini computer designed & developed for an specific work purpose that can be physical output Or computational output. The main function of an Embedded system is to control a device, a process, a larger system etc.. 
Embedded engineers write & develop coding, but unlike software engineers they need a deep understanding of the hardware it is going to be executed on. An embedded engineer knows the schematics of hardware. They are responsible for designing, developing, optimizing and implementing the software that is programmed into devices built around a microprocessor. By learning about the embedded systems and their programming we can create our own product with our imagination & creativity, we could also work as an Embedded engineer for an Company and get paid. Embedded systems is a great skill to learn and it has been given 14th position in the highest paid jobs list (2019) in technical field. So, if you are going to learn about embedded systems then there is an higher probability to get success in your career.

Duration: 25 days

Course Benefits

  1. End of Program Student Learn about industrial type Embedded System

  2. Own Industrial Level Nano Development Kit & Sensor Modules 

  3. Abbreviation Manual 

  4. Certificate from Pvt. Ltd Company.

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